Massage in Ann Arbor after a Marathon can Aid Optimal Run Recovery

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Thanks to the abundance of running trails, Ann Arbor provides plenty of opportunities to get fit. Locals and residents from nearby communities, for instance, can join marathons for a good cause. Ann Arbor reporter Chelsea Hoedl, writing for Michigan news resource M Live, has this to say in an article dated June 1, 2014:

"Participants of the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run gathered Sunday morning with a common goal in mind: cross the finish line. But each runner, walker and jogger had their own reason for joining the nearly 6,000 people striding their way along the Huron River.

For some, the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run calls them back year after year. In its 41st year, it's no surprise that the event has become an annual tradition for many runners in the area.

There's nothing like a little blood, sweat and tears to bring people together. And maybe that's why so many Dexter-Ann Arbor Run participants choose to travel in packs."

Whether you ran a 10K marathon at an event similar to the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run or you simply went out for a jog, your body needs time to recover. After cooling down and resting, a relaxing massage in Ann Arbor can help you achieve an optimal run recovery.

In a study released last year, the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that massage effectively relieves muscle soreness, which is commonly experienced after marathons and other intense or prolonged workouts. In any case, marathon runners would do well to wait 2-3 hours or even a full day prior to getting a massage to allow the muscles sufficient time to recover. Such a timeframe also helps prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which usually occurs after 48 hours.

Four basic massage techniques have been shown to help runners. Active Release Technique (ART), trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage treat problem areas or certain injuries, like hamstring injuries and calf strains. The more popular Swedish massage, on the other hand, helps promote blood flow and relieves muscle tension, thereby relaxing and reenergizing the body.

Experts recommend a light or gentle massage to enhance run recovery immediately after an intense workout. However, deeper or more focused strokes may be needed for certain conditions. Certified Ann Arbor massage therapists from an establishment like Main Street Massage Therapy can recommend and apply the best techniques for the duration of the therapy.

(Source: Dexter-Ann Arbor Run participants celebrate family, friends and future, M Live, June 1, 2014)