Health Benefits Aplenty for Visitors to Ann Arbor Massage Providers

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When people think of solving their aches and pains, they usually resort to popping some pills or pain relievers. However, there is a more natural alternative to that: massage therapy. As an example, a Massage Today article by writer Tina Allen discusses how massage therapy helps with tension headaches:

"A study was done over six weeks on adults with recurring tension headaches; the massage group was given two, 45-minute massages each week. Most of the session was spent warming up tissues of the back, shoulders, chest and neck, as well as facial points. The study found that within three weeks of starting the massage therapy, the subjects reported less weekly episodes. Even more exciting was that the headaches were less intense and shorter in length. These results actually continued for nearly three weeks following the massage therapy."

Getting a massage in Ann Arbor from massage providers like Main Street Massage Therapy can also help with a laundry list of other physical problems that include back pain, joint dislocation, and sports injuries. Physical injuries aren't the only things that massage therapy can solve; people suffering from mental conditions like insomnia, stress, and others have been helped by massage therapists.

What exactly does massage therapy do to get all these results? First, it relieves sore and tight muscles. If not relieved, the tightness can lead to weakened blood flow to muscles, which can cause further injuries. Second, it relaxes nerves. Pressure on nerves causes pain and could lead to muscle atrophy.

Third, it lowers blood pressure and stress levels. Having consistently high levels of both are bad in the long run. Finally, it increases flexibility and range of motion. This is important for those who are recovering from injuries and helps prevent future ones.

There are many styles of massage available ranging from rehabilitative to spa. However, they come down to two types: clinical and relaxation types. Relaxation massage styles are focused on gentle and soothing touches that are focused on reducing stress, while clinical styles aim for a specific goal, like loosening muscles or flexing joints, which means they can be a bit rough. Massages are also great tools for intimacy; there's nothing more romantic than an Ann Arbor couples massage session. No matter what your purpose is, be assured that a massage will always be a great experience.

(Source: Massage Provides Benefits for Children Suffering from Headaches, Massage Today, June 2014)