Ann Arbor Massage Therapy: Find Relief from Stress with Reflexology

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"Relaxed", "pampered", and "relieved" are words you'll often hear from someone who has just received reflexology from a trendy Ann Arbor massage center. The benefits of this therapy have been proven time and again, and people from all walks of life—athletes, political leaders, celebrities, business executives, employees in the private and public sector, the elderly, and even premature infants—have benefitted from it.

So what is it about reflexology that makes people feel so good? A recent NY1 article by Jill Urban attempts to find the answer:

It may look like a simple foot rub, but reflexology is much more. This ancient holistic treatment targets pressure points that can soothe and heal your body and soul.

"There are reflex points in your hands and feet and they correspond to every part of your body, so by applying pressure to these points it sends the message through the body to the corresponding organ or glad or area of the body or system they're in to relax," says Chantel Lucier, a certified reflexologist.

Lucier says imagine reflexology as an internal massage. While a regular massage deals with the fascia and muscles, reflexology deals with internal structures like organs and glands.

By applying pressure using a specific finger walking technique, a technician triggers a reflexology point to send a message to the targeted area. She says this practice increases circulation and blood flow and ultimately reduces stress.

Reflexology's most important benefit is that it helps relieve aches in the body in a very natural way without any side effects. Moreover, it is used to treat hormonal imbalances, improve the circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body, and decrease inflammation while improving flexibility and mobility. It also helps streamline the body's functions so that it responds more effectively with natural cures without having to spend too much on medicines.

With people's lives becoming ever more hectic and stressful, there is the need for reflexology to provide one of the more valid answers to the aches and pains that result from the strains of modern living. If you want to give reflexology a try, visit a popular Ann Arbor massage center, such as Main Street Massage Therapy. Main Street offers a multiple range of massage therapy modalities and convenient program packages.

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