Ditch the Movie: A Massage for Ann Arbor Couples is the Better Choice

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Massages definitely feel good, but their many positive effects can also be helpful for romantic relationships. While massage therapy is usually associated with eliminating body aches and lowering pain levels, it has also been found to significantly reduce stress and anxiety as well as stimulate positive feelings. A piece from CNN explained how this works:

"We know that cortisol destroys natural killer cells," Field says. "Therefore, since massage decreases cortisol, your immune cells get a boost." Massage even seems to boost immunity in those people with severely compromised immune systems, such as breast-cancer patients.

Less cortisol and more serotonin and dopamine in your system may also mean less stress, anxiety, and depression. "We know that the right side of the frontal lobe of the brain is more active when we're sad, and the left side's activated when we're happy," Field says. "Our studies have observed that massage decreases activity in the right lobe and increases functioning in the left."

These physiological and emotional benefits are the reason why couples massage can do wonders for relationships. For example, a massage session helps couples reconnect and focus on the present, something they may be neglecting in favor of their work and personal lives. In addition, massage therapy incorporates expert touch that relaxes people, and this sense of relaxation stimulates affection between lovers. Lastly, this activity is a way for two people to share something new together which results into a deeper bond.

In Miami, there are spas that can offer couples genuine romantic nights out through full-service massage sessions. Main Street Massage Therapy, for instance, offers couples massage in Ann Arbor that includes champagne, chocolates, and dinner for each special evening. Combined with expert therapeutic techniques and a tranquil atmosphere, this becomes an extraordinary alternative to a typical restaurant dinner or movie date.

Massage therapy is increasingly being recognized as a wonderful way to rejuvenate and unwind from the pressures and stresses of daily living. Getting a soothing massage from Ann Arbor specialists may not only boost couples' health and well-being, but can also be exactly what they need to cultivate a happier and closer relationship.

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