Published: 4/16/2015

Reconnecting to Mother Earth is rewarding, until you reach, lift or bend one too many times. Before you take a pill, consider Raindrop Therapy from Mainstreet Massage Therapy.

Published: 3/2/2015

The Doctors reveal to USA Today the many benefits of massage.

Published: 1/26/2015

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Raindrop Therapy to our massage clients in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Members of the nation's armed forces undergo intensive training to be deployed in various conflict zones around the world - and some missions challenge them to push harder. The long deployments, however, tend to exact constant pain upon them, which may not be evident as soon as they arrive home. A recent article on PressTV even notes that this is a problem among returning personnel.

Tylenol and similar drugs are usually the go-to pills for pain, especially back pain. Imagine the medical community's surprise when a study found out that they're only as good as placebos.

Massages definitely feel good, but their many positive effects can also be helpful for romantic relationships. While massage therapy is usually associated with eliminating body aches and lowering pain levels, it has also been found to significantly reduce stress and anxiety as well as stimulate positive feelings. A piece from CNN explained how this works.

Every so often, we experience some form of stress. Desk workers experience the brunt of postural stress, as much of the tension accumulates in their shoulders and the neck. Massage therapy, however, does not only help relieve back and neck pain, but also counteracts prolonged hours of sitting.

Have you and your partner fallen into the same old routine of dinners and movies? Why not try something new to spice things up a bit? In an article for, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Reiki Master Julie Neese describes how unique dates with your partner can help the relationship:

When people think of solving their aches and pains, they usually resort to popping some pills or pain relievers. However, there is a more natural alternative to that: massage therapy. As an example, a Massage Today article by writer Tina Allen discusses how massage therapy helps with tension headaches:

Thanks to the abundance of running trails, Ann Arbor provides plenty of opportunities to get fit. Locals and residents from nearby communities, for instance, can join marathons for a good cause. Ann Arbor reporter Chelsea Hoedl, writing for Michigan news resource M Live, has this to say in an article dated June 1, 2014:

Some people head out to day spas for a massage just for the sake of having one. Others consider a massage essential to their health. Massage therapies do offer numerous health advantages, as the staff writes:

"Relaxed", "pampered", and "relieved" are words you'll often hear from someone who has just received reflexology from a trendy Ann Arbor massage center. The benefits of this therapy have been proven time and again, and people from all walks of life—athletes, political leaders, celebrities, business executives, employees in the private and public sector, the elderly, and even premature infants—have benefitted from it.


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